Mountain Zen has been a pretty big part of my “getting away” experiences in the last…oh, about two years. I almost can’t believe it has already been that long. In fact, I just reviewed the calendar to make sure that I wasn’t making that up.

And I should also make sure to note that Mountain Zen has just as much to do with the actual VA mountains that I visit as the people I have the opportunity to spend time with while I’m there.

Mountain Zen was not on my schedule this weekend – not in the slightest.

My plan for the weekend included a lot of coffee, wine and writing.
Admittedly, I am severely behind on content creation – which is basically my job – and I made sure to keep this weekend completely free of plans and commitments in order to be able to hole myself up in my apartment. Don’t try to picture it – it’s not a pretty sight. I pretty much stay in my jammies around the clock, drink myself into oblivion, and write, write and write some more.

But I got an invitation around 1:45pm Friday afternoon to join my friend and his family in VA for the weekend – and just enjoy the opportunity to relax with good food, puppy therapy and a little Kinect craziness.

The thing about this invitation…

I had not packed any bags – and wasn’t in the position to drive home in order to pack anything before they were planning to leave. There was ice on the roads and severely yucky weather scheduled for the rest of the afternoon. I knew that I wouldn’t want to drive myself. I had the clothes on my back and my work bag…and the promise from my friend that he would pack some extra tees, underpants and socks for me. And I also knew that I wouldn’t get near the amount of work done if I chose to go…

And with all of that running through my head – and with the inconvenience of not having any of my stuff, I knew that I would have the best of times…

And so I chose to say yes.
And I had the best of times!