The boys are out of the house for the month of July. It’s my time to focus on a detailed cleaning of the house in preparation for the appraisal. This is my last big push before trying to wrap up this project as a whole.

Bookshelf in the Sun Room

Day 1: The Sun Room

I decided to start with the inside of the house – it’s way too hot outside to try and work on the yard maintenance. The sun room is just off the kitchen and was actually an add-on option to the original floor plan for the house.

When we first moved in (summer of 2006), it was used as a formal dining room. I loved to entertain and host dinner parties (still do) and we had decided to invest in the extra space so that I could continue expanding on that passion.

As we noticed developmental issues becoming more severe with our child, we decided to revamp the formal dining room into a play/therapy room. We needed more space than the living room afforded for sensory integration therapy and early intervention strategies. We purchased an area carpet to fit the space and filled it with all kinds of toys and inflatables in order to make a more solid connection with our son, who was distant and lost in his own world.

I remember the many visits by different therapists and experts after his evaluation with the local CDSA (Children’s Developmental Services Agency).  We would always set up and play in that room. With 8 large windows, it provides an immense amount of natural light and was an ideal open space for various activities.

The room has supported the many stages of development that we’ve all experienced as our days being a family have expired one by one, giving way to where we are now.

When I moved back in to pursue this project (January 2012), the play room was abandoned: old and broken toys were scattered across the floor, bits of stale food littered the carpet and a thick layer of dust covered the ceiling fan and corner bookshelf. I determined to change it as soon as I could and focused on making it a sun room. I wanted to have a happy (and clean) space in the house beyond my bedroom, somewhere that the kid and I could sit and play together – and it offered the quickest option for cleaning and rearranging.

It became a safe haven for us with bits of furniture from my apartment making it more homey, a comfort when dealing with such an awkward transition.

Today, I gave it a thorough and detailed cleaning. The windows were washed. The floor railing cleaned with a pine-based solution. Every surface was scrubbed to shining. And the bookshelf, which had gotten cluttered with toys, was purged and dusted.

The only thing left to work on is some painting touch-ups. But I am leaving the ordeal of painting for another day.

30 days left…