How do you have a party on Mars?

The kid is working on his joke delivery.

Theater class begins Day 1 of 8th grade, but in the meantime, we’ve opted to practice via Instagram.

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He LOVES reading the comments.

Feel free to share what you think…and/or if you have any jokes you’d like him to hear.

You have to plan-et.

Get it.

Plan it?

Special Note from Mom: Today was big. The kid learned how to record his own video as a part of the transition to digital learning via the Summer Training Program. That wasn’t really part of today’s plan, but it worked out – and he did GREAT!

We can check these FIRST EVER’s off the list: record a movie file using the laptop, rename it (according to the date and subject), upload it to a shared Google Drive folder…

(…and, for now, I can take it from there and post to Instagram.)