What is jab’s Love Letters?

Welcome to jab’s Love Letters, a brain child of  J. A. Busfield. In a world where fear runs rampant, she challenges every single person to face their fear; and to face their love. Consider it a dare. It’s a dare meant to push everyone towards being honest with themselves and their feelings. A dare meant to raise awareness for sharing more love and appreciation in the world, for the participants of the world.

Life’s too short to be afraid…or to be afraid to love; or to be afraid to admit feelings of love. Sharing love gives us the opportunity to spread positivity and appreciation to others. And, let’s be honest, the world could use some genuine, loving positivity.

A Love Letter A Day

Each day, a prompt to get the juices flowing and an example love letter; and we hope, in the future, many love letter examples, as the community feels empowered to share. Get inspired to write more love!

Love Letters Podcast

Do you love listening to podcasts? It’s long overdue, but we’re launching a new series in 2021 to highlight the Love Letters books. Stay tuned! Do you want an update when it’s live? Sign up for the announcement below.

Join the Community

Two projects under the Plethora Content umbrella – Send Me Encouragement and Love Letters – have joined up to host a Facebook Group. It’s a #yesyoucanriseabove and #welifteachotherup kind of community. If you’re looking for that kind of positivity in your life, consider joining.

I know that I can’t dare anyone and keep my conscious clear unless I am willing to complete the dare myself. And so, I have. The Love Letters books are me bearing my love to the general audience. Hopefully, I’ve learned something about being so bluntly honest with myself; and hopefully, readers will learn something about themselves as they read the lines of my heart. — J. A. Busfield

Her first book within the series, Love Letters, Volume 1: Moving On, Growing Up, is a compilation of love letters written from 2002-2011 to various participants in her life. Within each letter she covers one of four of the most basic expressions: I thank you, I love you, I want you, I miss you. The second book, Love Letters, Volume 2: Being Adult, is filled with letters that were all written during 2011 and includes a fifth category: I’m sorry.

J. A. Busfield admits there’s nothing new or spectacular about it; just that it isn’t done enough, and that people shouldn’t live in fear of their feelings. Love Letters give us the opportunity to think through exactly what we want to say, and then spell it out. It doesn’t have to be mushy, just a statement of fact: I love you. Period.

Woven throughout with a familiar tenderness and penned emotion that connects humanity, ‘Love Letters’ warms the reader like the embrace of a treasured friend.— L. B.