So…this is Spring, huh?
Looks like to me Winter is hanging on for all it’s worth…(no matter what the birds have to say about it).

Snow. Enough for a 2 hour delay. Enough to make today’s schedule go sideways a bit.

Enough to challenge me to think about the change of one season to the next..and how sometimes, we hold on even as change is eminent, even as CHANGE IS HAPPENING.


The thing we know life is all about – and the thing we struggle with the most.


The thing we avoid because of fear of the unknown.


The thing that is inevitable…whether we embrace it with flexibility and a positive outlook or get dragged into it, kicking and screaming.

Hopefully, this is the last snow of the season. Winter might have wanted one last hurrah, but Spring is here and will – ultimately – have its way.

For the record, I am looking forward to warm-ish, sunny days.

Ya’ll know I’ve recently embraced what sunlight I could.

I am looking forward to getting seeds and plants in the ground. Of encouraging new growth.

There’s a lot of change ahead here at Plethora Pointe…

…the plant plot is just one area on the list.