Let me make this clear: iSalon was not my idea. It was my mom’s.

She ran into a woman in town who had purple hair – the kind of purple that I’ve been hunting for a lifetime. After a couple of pleasant exchanges, Mom went into investigative mode on my behalf. She discovered that the mad-skills involved with making this lady’s hair purple resided with a hairdresser who clocks-in at iSalon.

Mom, having some old-school training (enough that she’s been my hairdresser more often than not through the years), decided to check it out on her own first – and loved the service. She scheduled a Shampoo & Dry, a simple thing, and raved about the attention to detail and the lasting affects of getting some serious hair-based TLC.

She devised a plan to convince me to partake in a hair makeover…

The thing is – I didn’t need convincing. My hair – usually the last thing on my mind (if it’s not broke don’t fix it) – was actually something I wanted to address.

I’ve been going through some serious stress lately.
Add to that pile of poo, a dash of piercing heartbreak.
And the cherry on top was the fact that my ‘do has – for some time – been lacking luster.

All very good reasons to indulge in a fresh start – a new ‘do.

Side note: There are many woman who don’t wait for the reasons to pile up. They enjoy periodic, dare I say timely, visits to the salon. I’m just not one of them. Much to my mother’s chagrin, I never took much care in my locks growing up, which has basically translated to adulthood. I know it’s silly – but I can usually think of a-bazillion things I’d rather do than spend time on my hair.

Back to the story –
Mom was pleasantly surprised when I told her that I was thinking about cutting my hair. I explained the whole “I need a fresh start and I’m going to begin with my hair.” She nearly jigged with delight while she confessed her surprise: “I’d like to treat you to a morning of Hair Dressing at iSalon.”

How could I say no to that?!

And so, I found myself at iSalon this morning just before 10am to be on time for my appointment with Megan. The hairdresser that had rocked mom’s world with the Shampoo & Dry service. [Funny note: Megan ended up NOT being the master mind behind the purple highlights that my mom had seen; but that’s okay.]


Before My Haircut at iSalon


iSalon & Spa is located in Burlington, North Carolina in the small shopping center near the Olive Garden on University Drive. To be more precise it’s next to Meryl Norman. Check out their Facebook Page.

Walking in, you’re going to get the typical “salon” feel: front desk and waiting area packed with products, hair dressing work stations behind it, private spa areas in the back. It was open and well lit, with a calming color scheme.

What hooked me was the sincerely pleasant greeting – the woman at the front counter had been finishing up her conversation in another language with a co-worker (they seriously had just switched on the Open sign): she looked at me with an honest kind of eye-contact, apologized, and offered me a happy good morning. Can I even begin to tell you how much I love reality over a canned salutation?

With a grin on my face, I told her I was booked with Megan and she asked me to sign in. Megan didn’t miss a beat. She remembered Mom and welcomed her into the workspace to keep me company. She was kind and easy-going.

What follows next are the typical steps that happen during a hair dressing appointment (well, as least if you’re signed up for the Color & Cut service like me).

  • Review the End Goal
  • Summary of the Process
  • Initial Cut (my hair was really long…no use in wasting coloring product)
  • Color
  • Wash
  • Cut & Style
After My Haircut at iSalon


What wasn’t typical was how comfortable and confident Megan was – she listened, she responded, she asked questions and she took the time to explain anything I was concerned about; and just as important, she didn’t bother me with details that I didn’t care to know. She was in tune – passionate about her calling and paying attention to the client in her chair – which translates into a superior experience for me. I wasn’t the slightest bit worried or nervous – and it would have been perfectly natural for me to have a few butterflies considering I was at a new salon, under the care of unknown-to-me hairdresser and getting some pretty drastic services done.

Consider this – just because I haven’t attended salons as frequently as some other women, doesn’t mean that I haven’t frequented my fair share – I’m as much a gypsy in my salon choices as I am in other areas of life…meaning I’ve been to many different ones and under the hands of many different hairdressers, very few that were awesome.

Megan is one of the awesome ones. I have no doubt about it. And so, I am going to recommend – if you’re on the market for a new hairdresser – that you call up iSalon (336.584.5467) and ask for Megan.

And…I’d also like to take a minute and wish her a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY.