It was posted in a blogging community group on Facebook. Her question was…

I’m wondering what movies make you want to pack a bag and hit the road (or air, or boat, or train).

The instructions were to leave your answer along with a preferred link so that she could write everything up and give credit to contributors.

I don’t usually comment on posts like this, but with my heart all open and the call of travel in my ear, I immediately wanted to respond with a encyclopedia of ideas.

Under the Tuscan Sun, I thought immediately.
Watched it recently. Always makes me want to visit Italy. Easy answer.

Someone else had already answered with that movie title.


Drat. I don’t want to add the SAME answer. Think, Jen. What movie makes you think about traveling?


Why was I all of the sudden struggling to think about an answer to this VERY SIMPLE question?

I literally opened up my Netflix account and scrolled through movie titles – and I realized, the question isn’t what movie makes me think about traveling…it’s what movie DOESN’T make me think about traveling. Every film is an invitation to explore the unknown, to adventure. In their own ways, they all call to me: “Let’s try something new!”

I almost gave up. Seriously. It was ridiculous. I knew I was being ridiculous. But I didn’t want to post just anything – and I knew that animated flicks might not exactly carry the same weight…or else, Moana and Lilo & Stitch would have been options added to the list.

I closed my eyes and thought, which movie, which movie scenes make me yearn. What makes me lonely because my heart isn’t there to see and breathe and taste…

…and the answer came to me.

Love (LOVE) the scenery in movies like The Decoy Bride and Leap Year. But I think I’m an open space, call of the sea, standing at the cliffs, magic of the British Isles kind of girl…Oh, and pubs. I’m a visit the pub kind of girl too.

Now, this is all very true. But even as I read back over it, I’m surprised that another movie based in Italy didn’t immediately rise to the top (think Only You). Italy had a really positive impact on me when I traveled through Milan and down the eastern coastal area as a teenager. It’s always carried a special place in my consciousness, and I’ve always longed to return. But this exercise made me realize, I feel a little differently now.

It may have something to do with my recent travels to Ireland, which I desperately need to write up – there were so many great experiences in my short trip over Thanksgiving – but the truth is, I can’t wait to go back.

There are some places you visit that already feel like home. Not just that you’re comfortable and would be open to returning for another visit. But that, as your first trip is coming to an end, you’re already planning your next…and the one after that.

For me, Ireland was one of those places – and I can’t wait to go back home and explore.

And not that I won’t return to Italy one day, but chances are, I’ll find myself back at Fitz’s Pub with a Dooliner in hand first.