I know, I know. I said  I would focus on all the #yummygoodness I eat during Eat Days, but this week I had several wins, and I want to share them with you.

(Just know, I still DO eat chocolate.)

First, I am about 20 pounds down.

Early in the week, I indulged in an epic fist pump. My black XL slacks from NY & Co. went on without any issues. Usually, they’re super tight. And whether I had something baggy enough to wear on top, was usually the decision making factor on wearing them or not. On Tuesday, I slipped them right on, and proceeded to spontaneously bust a move at different points in the day to celebrate how comfortable they were and how happy I felt about how comfortable they were.

On Friday, I decided to test another important piece of clothing…

A few years ago, when visiting a friend in Spokane, I indulged in a shopping spree at Eddie Bauer. I bought a couple of super nice, water resistant, hooded outerwear pieces: one black jacket perfect for not-so-warm days and a cream colored, fleece-lined coat for colder temperatures. I was thinner then (stress and major life changes being the two main factors in weight loss) and purchased the size that fit…even though I contemplated going for the bigger size.

I even remember having the conversation with my friend…

“Maybe I should go for the 2XL…”

“They’re too big! Are you planning to gain the weight back?”

“Well…..no.” I answered timidly.

“Then get what fits,” she said definitively.

I had reservations, but I followed her recommendation.

And when the weight started creeping back, they got tight. And then, they didn’t fit. Literally, the two sides of fabric had no hope of meeting, never mind zipping up.

Stubbornly, I held on to them. Keeping them as hopeful benchmarks, like a prized pair of “skinny jeans.”

On Friday, I pulled the cream one out of the closet and slipped it on. I pulled together the two sides, fitted the zipper and pulled up – and glory be!

Now…it’s tight. But I zipped it!! And best you believe, there was definitely a celebratory shimmy. And I know, if I stay on track, it’ll fit perfectly by the time the weather turns colder.

So. Darn. Excited.

The list of wins continues…old jeans that I’ve been holding onto (not yet the official “skinny jeans,” but jeans that weren’t being worn nonetheless), a pair of dressy, bell-bottomed pants (which will make an appearance at work this week), a tailored purple dress. It’s been a lot of fun.

To top it off, my friend had a measuring tape handy and was kind enough to help me get my benchmark numbers Friday night.


Week 6 – The Numbers

Weight start: 232.8
Weight end: 230.2

Bust: 48.25
Waist: 44
Height: 51.5
Arm: 12

Monday: 72
Wednesday: 183
Friday: 108

About the numbers…

Weight Start to Weight End: Still happy. Still moving forward.

Measurements: So, if only I had called my friend earlier in this journey. But it’s clear that there’s been progress. Clothes that I couldn’t zip or fasten have been fitting with no problem. I am on my way to those skinny jeans. Watch out!

Calories: Wednesday night, I had a drink: a rum and Diet Coke. And no, I did not feel bad. I was managing a Twitter Party as the Brand guest, and my power went out twice – the Internet reset both times. I promise you, I earned the indulgence.

Looking forward…I’m changing things up this month.

First of all, I’m editing my scheduling from MWF to MWTH. I really want my Friday nights to be available for food and fun, so the plan is to fast back-to-back on Wednesday and Thursday – at least for the next two weeks just to see how it goes. I’ll let you know.

After that, I’ll be traveling for a portion of time each week for 3 weeks straight. Scheduling is definitely about to get wonky.

But next week, I’ll talk about food. It’s a #yummygoodness promise!