I’ve been practicing intermittent fasting for five weeks now.

Five weeks.

It’s amazing how easy it’s become a part of my lifestyle. There’s not really any planning or prepping – intermittent fasting isn’t a diet. It’s a schedule.

When to eat and when not to eat?
That is the question.

There are several different options that are highlighted if you do a Google search. Most often, I run into the same top three options.

The 16:8 — Fast for 16 hours of the day and eat for 8.

The 5:2 — Eat normally for 5 days out of the week and fast for 2 non-consecutive days.

The 4:3 — (which is what I’m doing) Eating normally 4 days and fasting for 3 non-consecutive days.

Read about my first week’s experience!

I opted for the 4:3 mostly because of the article I read written by Sumaya. She, like many of us, had gained some weight over a period of time and needed a way to address it that would fit into her busy schedule. A friend of hers had lost weight with an intermittent fasting lifestyle, and she decided to try it. Down 50 pounds eight months later, she decided to share her story…

And here I am – building my own story.

So, yes. I started intermittent fasting specifically to help me drop weight (there are other health benefits, but I’ll tackle those another time). Let’s review how it’s helped me with my weight loss goal in the last month or so…

(Remember, I didn’t weigh myself as soon as I started – the whole Karma thing with the scale [read that story here] – but I did know that I was at 256 within a month of starting.)

So, like…BIG HOORAY!! Definitely seeing things progress in the weight loss part of my life.

And I’ve gathered a community of cheerleaders as I’ve been sharing my story…to those of you who have been leaving comments, sending me Facebook messages and Tweets – THANK YOU! Your kind words and encouragement mean the world.

I also get a lot of questions. Here’s one I see a lot:

Is it hard to get through fasting days?

The honest truth is…it depends on the day. At first, it was a little hard, but mostly because it was daunting…36 hours without eating?! Can I even do that?! Well, I this point, I’ve done it often enough to say that the daunting feeling goes away. It’s not a feat; it’s just a practice.

So, after the first week, the ominous feeling went away. The second and third week, I was still using a good bit of my 500 calories to get through my Fast Days, but last week and this…my calories are mostly coffee with creamer (because…coffee is life).

Most days, I’m good. Really good.

Some days…I get a rumble in my tummy that’s a little harder to ignore. So, I drink some water (okay, a lot of water) – and remember that tomorrow is coming, and there will be more than just coffee with creamer.

Another thing I will say – and I will elaborate more on this later – it is more a feeling of being in control vs. feeling like I am denying myself. I know that might sound a little off, but I’ll try to tackle it in more detail next week.

Week 5 – The Numbers

Weight Start: 234.2
Weight End: 232.8

Measurements: Still N/A

Monday: 108
Wednesday: 72
Friday: 36

About the numbers…

Weight Start to Weight End: Not a significant loss this week, but still in the right direction. So, no complaints. Still looking towards that birthday goal weight.

(No. I am not saying that I want to be back at my birth weight [8 pounds]. I’m not THAT CRAZY! I have a goal of being down to 200 pounds by my next birthday – coming in February.)

Measurements: Yea. Yea. If you’ve been keeping up with the posts each week, you know the deal.

Calories: This week, I splurged on some flavored bubbly water to perk up my Friday night. Livin’ wild, ya’ll.

How about next time, I’ll talk about the #yummygoodness I eat on my 4 Eat Days out of the week?