And…I’m back on track.

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Wanna know why?
Because…water before coffee.

Because of life transitions in the new year, my daily schedule has been in flux. And, because I am out of routine, certain things have suffered, like my water intake.

Water is life. It’s good for all kinds of processes in your body.

I know – without a shadow of a doubt – that water keeps me sane. It keeps me positive, because my body has the hydration to function. When I don’t get enough water, I’m grumpy and easily more tired to the point where I struggle to get through my days. And let’s not even talk about digestion and bathroom visits. Before I stray into TMI, let me just say that I know my water intake has a HUGE impact on how all of that goes.

And coffee, well-recognized as a source of caffeine, plays its own part in the dehydration issues.

But we’ll already discussed that coffee isn’t something I’m giving up.

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So, I need to balance it with a strong water intake. But, I’ve been struggling. Life changes. Schedule upheaval. Less water. Bathroom issues. TMI.

I started the week back on Square 1…

If I know I need water, then I need to make sure that I am starting my day fulfilling that purpose. And make it an OBVIOUS part of my day.

Different people do different things…

The carry their trusty water bottle. They mark a gallon jug with a time schedule to stay on top of intake. They only order water with meals.

Me? I grabbed a gallon pitcher, filled it up and set it on my counter; and I grabbed my favorite mason jar.

They serve as reminders that I need to take the opportunity to drink up!

I upped the ante by also setting a restriction – no coffee before water.

If I am going to succeed, I need to create the opportunity (read: I need to be disciplined enough to ACTUALLY make positive changes) for success. In this case, giving my body the hydration it desperately needs to function, process and eliminate smoothly, before I jack up on my need for caffeine.

And, for that reason, I’ve added a new stat to keep track of below!

Week 28 – The Numbers

Weight start: 213.4
Weight end: 210.8

Measurements: N/A

Water: 274 ounces

Monday: 120
Tuesday: 0
Thursday: 101

About the numbers…

Weight Start to Weight End: Hooray! Back on track! #hi5 On Week 24, I weighed-in at 210. That’s the lowest I’ve been so far in my intermittent fasting journey. Glad to see the numbers decreasing on the scale, and hoping to be on the lower side at next week’s weigh-in.

Measurements: My friend who measured me on Week 6 was here this weekend, and I should have asked her to run the measuring tape around my figure. But we were so busy enjoying fresh waffles and catching up on life, I totally didn’t think about it. Oh, well. Next time. I can say that I am really looking forward to shedding the next 10 pounds. I have a pile of clothes that are waiting to prove as a justification to my pack-rat tendencies.

Calories: Sometimes, the water makes me feel so good, I don’t miss the coffee. Wait? Did I just say that out loud? Well, I have to explain Tuesday somehow.

Let’s see if I still think that way next week…