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So, my plan was to rock out another week like last week…

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When I decided to “level up,” I counted two weeks of hard core 4 days of fasting before heading out to San Diego for Dad 2.0. And then, because I was traveling, I would have a less strict week, a 5:2.

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My mind was set and my game face was on – until Tuesday night, when I realized I hadn’t really taken into account my schedule – like my actual schedule, and how it was changing.

Looking at my calendar, I had planned a Yummy-Goodness interview and review at a local farm-to-fork cafe for Thursday afternoon. Can’t really go to lunch and not eat anything. Kinda hard to do a review of #yummygoodness without tasting anything.

And, I had planned on celebrating an early birthday with my parents on Friday night. In my family, birthday celebrations, at a minimum, include cake, but we were shooting for dinner and dessert.

Sigh. That took out both Thursday and Friday in my schedule. And Saturday and Sunday were already out because of social events planned around food and drink. So…my only other day to fast within the week was Wednesday.

So, Tuesday night I was faced with a decision: Will I fast or eat tomorrow?

<rabbit trail>

People ask me if intermittent fasting is hard.
My answer is complex.

At first it was, but only because I had to train my body, and that takes time. I experienced headaches, and sometimes, fatigue. But my body was in transition. I was taking in less sugar, less junk. Think about it as a long-term detox. Now, just about 6 months into it, my body craves Fast Days. It appreciates the opportunity to not process food, and just process itself.

But…mental preparation still plays a big part of a successful fast experience for me.

</rabbit trail>

So, there I am Tuesday night – just about 48 hours into this fast – realizing I was looking forward to eating on Wednesday, and now, for the sake of recouping my schedule, it would actually be better if I continued my fast.Otherwise, instead of being a leveling-up, bust-my-butt kind of week, it would turn into a more relaxed week at a 5:2.

Would a 5:2 this past week have been the end of the world?


But I’m working towards my birthday goal weight (200 pounds) – and even though I know I’m not going to make it by the deadline (Feb 11th) – I am still pushing for it as much as possible. Trying to stay focused and successful, ya’ll.

So, to me, what ends up being hard about intermittent fasting is a last minute switch – like what I ended up living through this week.

It’s all about the mind space, the game face. The battle is with my will. The fight is with changed expectations, rising above the societal norm of eating 3 meals a day because that’s what you do, people’s misplaced sympathies.

I woke up Wednesday wanting to eat, because that was how I set my expectation at the beginning of the week…not really because I wanted to eat. I’ve fasted 3 days in a row several times. I know how great it makes my body feel. I’m not suffering – I’m thriving within a schedule that I’ve created that both benefits me and challenges me (and my body).

Intermittent Fasting is more than just about losing weight. Now don’t get me wrong – that was a BIG part of my purpose and intent in picking up the practice, but it is also about improving the overall health of by body – and as I’m learning, challenging my ability to control my will and my own fluctuating expectations.

Week 24 – The Numbers

Weight start: 213.6
Weight end: 210

Measurements: N/A

Monday: 5
Tuesday: 0
Wednesday: 0

About the numbers…

Weight Start to Weight End: I did continue the no coffee commitment this week. Only tea. Which is probably what I was most looking forward to Wednesday morning – a big cup o’ joe, light and sweet, and not getting that fix was hard! So I felt vindicated after stepping on the scale Thursday morning to see that I had dropped 3.5 pounds. Yay!

Measurements: Last week, I mentioned that the tight jeans are now comfortable. The “skinny jeans” are in my sights, but before then, there’s this other pair of jeans…I’ve had them for 2 years, couldn’t zip them up. Didn’t have a prayer. But hung on, just in case, like some stubborn mule – and it’s paid off. They are the new tight jeans. I can get them up and zip them up, but I have to suck it in somethin’ serious. They are the next goal in regards to clothing. In fact, I have a little stash of clothes that are my “after the next 10 pounds” celebration wear. Yep. I’m a pack rat. But, in this case, it’s gonna pay off.

Calories: Tea doesn’t usually have calories, but my mom had some Tetley Immunity Tea (Peach & Orange Flavor)* on hand, and I really wanted some on Monday. I was feeling down and icky, and wanted a little boost. Each tea bag has 5 calories – and they’re totally worth it. Such an easy tea to drink without adding any sugar, and it definitely made me feel better.

So, this week, I am committed to a 5:2. I’ll be fasting Monday and Tuesday, and then I fly out to San Diego on Wednesday. No fasting while I’m traveling. I’ve never been to SoCal before, and I’m not going to miss one bit of #yummygoodness!

That being said, I am packing some workout gear…for goodness sake, I’m gonna need it! I hear they put french fries in their burritos!