Already 7 weeks since my last update. Whew.

Time is flying…like greased lightning.

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I made it through the holidays. A little tough, but not impossible. There’s been schedule edits and hard NO’s, but there has also been lots of chocolate and opportunities to feel as stuffed as a Christmas turkey. I continue to lose weight, which is the goal. A little more slowly than when I started, but there aren’t holiday treats everywhere you look in August and September (which, clearly, makes things a little – a LOT – easier).

I dub this week the Battle of the Munchies. I couldn’t stop putting all kinds of tasty tidbits in my mouth. The sweeter, the better. My Eat Days were calorie-rich and instead of maintaining my usual 4:3 schedule, this week was a 5:2. I could have fasted today…but there were pancakes for lunch, and I couldn’t miss out on fresh-made pancakes with cream cheese icing and cherry amaretto preserves!

I mean, really – how could I miss out on that?!

See what I mean? It was a calorie-rich week with even my chocolates telling me to indulge and why not buy frivolous things while I’m at it.

On the other hand, this was also the first week I got back on the horse in regards to activity. With life being so crazy, I’d pretty much given up on consistent activity, and deep-dived into intermittent fasting as a much-easier option to maintain for my weight loss goals.

And it was – has been. It takes discipline, but for someone who doesn’t have a lot of time, it totally fits. Whereas, time to change out, be active, and change out again (maybe shower)…it was too much.

This week, I made an effort to increase my activity. One day, I met a friend at a walking track for a twofold experience: killing calories over a heart to heart. Another day, I met my mom at the gym, and spent time on the cardio machines. My mind and body appreciate the added excitement; my thighs have complained a little, but it’s nothing they won’t get used to.

Week 22 – The Numbers

Weight start: 214
Weight end: 218

Measurements: N/A

Tuesday: 215
Thursday: 5

About the numbers…

Weight Start to Weight End: I gained weight. Eh…it happens. I am not overly worried about it. This week was one of many transitions, and I am not going to stress it. There are better, more pressing items to take up my head space. That being said, I do plan to do better this coming week.

Measurements: Eh…next week.

Calories: So, Thursday I only recorded 5 calories. Wait, what?! Don’t worry. It’s valid. I am going to try (TRY) and start cutting down on coffee during Fast Days…which in my world always comes light and sweet, whether it’s a flavored creamer or half & half and sugar. Instead, I am going to focus on tea. On Thursday, I rocked a Chamomile tea, which was tasty. And as a former tea guru at Starbucks (I worked as a barista in college), I know there are several herbal tea options that will keep me satiated and interested, while helping me keep the calorie count down. We’ll see how it goes. It’s definitely worth a shot.

So, do you remember my birthday goal?

I’ve got 18 pounds to drop in 3 weeks…

I’m going to go ahead and confess – I may not make it. I may, but it’s more probable that I won’t. But here’s to trying and getting as close to 200 as I can!