I love my stylist. She is a rockstar. Seriously.

And…I had to look through the old blog posts for this confirmation…I’ve been seeing her since 2012.

Feel free to read my review from then.

WARNING: It hasn’t been updated since before my last template update (read: pictures are unavailable and formatting is off), but it’s full of light – and that’s still valid.

This is not a sponsored post.

iSalon and Spa is just my homebase for hair stylin’ thanks to the awesome, rockstar-ness of Megan.

When you have a good thing goin’, it’s good to be thankful for it.

This is me 1.) being thankful in public and 2.) showing off my new ‘do.

I’ve been trying to get bangs for a while now.

And she talks me out of it every single time.

When I say “a while,” I mean…it’s been at least a couple of years. Maybe more.

I’ve had bangs before. They are ALWAYS a chore. I’m not big into the maintenance of being a girly-girl. Megan knows this. She knows me well. I don’t want to spend forever in the bathroom, working in tons of product, using all the wands and irons to get every strand of hair just so. Not my jam. I’ve got other things to do with my time.

She also knows how wavy (read: naturally curly) my hair is and how NC humidity wreaks havoc on any awesome style.

I sent her pictures a while before my appointment.

Me: I’m thinking about these…(here’s one to give you an idea of what I was thinking about).

Her: Super cute! Can’t wait to see you.

And, so…I planted the seeds of bangs…

At my appointment on Thursday, we talked about the reality of bangs.

Me: They’re happening now…or not until October. I don’t want fresh bangs in the summer.

We shared a knowing look.

Why is Megan a rockstar?

Because, the cut that I actually walked out of the salon with is a beautiful mixture of a couple of different styles made perfect for the current status of my hair.

In the last couple of years, my hair has thinned. Dramatically. The strands of my hair are thinner and there is less of it. I went through a major shedding last year. I think it was intensified by stress and RA pain levels.

And now, there’s a lot of regrowth. If you look closely, there are all sorts of baby hairs at different lengths standing up for attention. And while it can sometimes be frustrating (read: I got hairs all over the place not falling in line with the style plan), I am SO THANKFUL for regrowth!

I am also thankful for a stylist who can take inspiration and translate it into reality.

This new cut…it’s got bangs.

And it’s still got some length (read: there’s still plenty to grab if someone wants to grab my hair while we’re kissing).

And it’s got all kinds of layers and bits that can be tucked under or flipped out, depending on my mood and/or my need to look professional.

And those baby hairs…those welcome little bits of sassy stubbornness…yep, they’re blending in now.

I am totally feeling it.
Suits me – where I’m at – very well.

#hi5, Megan.

So, what do you think? Feel free to post your comments below.

Are you in favor or bangs or not?