One of the first things that I had to conquer during my first week at the house was a negotiation with the Home Owner’s Association.

The ex hadn’t been opening his mail (as we’ve already discussed) and he had missed the last 5 violation notifications that had come. The most recent letter they had sent was in the mailbox (along with a week’s worth of mail) when I checked it on my first or second day in the house. It outlined a 14 day deadline for action (they had been asking that the siding be cleaned) or else fines would be charged.


I stepped in, read through all their communication, immediately started researching what we needed to clean the siding (something I’ve never done) and emailed the Property Manager representative with a plea for an extension.

I asked for 60 days (knowing that it was a ludicrous request) and hoped that they would at least grant 30 days. I needed more time to figure out how exactly I was going to tackle the situation.

I got this response:

I spoke with the community manager, and the most we can allow is 45 days as the house has been in bad condition for quite a while and is affecting property values of surrounding homes as well as street appeal. Thank you for your willingness to cooperate with us! Please let me know if I can be of further assistance.


Wow. 45 days…