I was moving some items into the house today and my neighbor was out scrubbing the side of his house.

Hey. Do you know how much the fine is for this kind of thing?!

He motioned towards the green splotches over the siding. I had no idea what to tell him and he went back to work. A few minutes later, his wife came out and we chatted.

It sounds like the Home Owner’s Association in our development is cracking down on infractions against the Neighborhood Rule List. My neighbors have gotten a couple of notices; in fact, several people in the neighborhood have received notices. I am sure that they’ve supplied notices for my house as well (my name is still on the mortgage [and deed], so I might as well start changing my language back to reflect my ownership of it).

The person I used to be before would be cowering with fear that my HOA had taken offense to my property. I would be doing everything possible, as quickly as possible to remedy the situation just short of breaking my neck.

The person I am now says: Who cares? Get in line! We all take offense to the way this property has been mismanaged. Why the eff do you think I’m coming back to this dump?

And don’t get me wrong. It’s not that I don’t care. I do. I just can’t let it get to me, because there are a lot of issues that need to be fixed at the house. And since I am only one woman, I will prioritize and work as fast as I can – within reason – to remedy the situation. It’s not like I have any connections to the people that run Extreme Makeover: Home Edition.

(Kinda wish I did at this point.)

So, more than likely in my list of priorities, I will be scrubbing the siding come spring. There’s a lot I am willing to do to fix up the house (freezing my bum off and catching cold isn’t one of them). There’s a-plenty that needs doing inside where it’s warm. The outside can wait…for now.