My little man is gone.
He left with my mom this afternoon.

I wrote him a book- to introduce airport and airplane etiquette. He’s been on a plane before, but before he was aware of…everything. Mom said that he did well on the first flight- OKC to Dallas. The next flight is longer- Dallas to RDU. But it is only one day of traveling- compared to 3 in a car.

Either way is an adventure for the little man-
And for the adult entrusted with his care.

It feels weird to know that I won’t have mothering responsibilities when I get home tonight. The girls at the office invited me to “margarita night,” and I didn’t have to worry about scheduling Rand coverage; because he’s not even in the state anymore.

So, ladies night- margaritas- fun; and yet, my heart is still connected to the little man, and is worried and praying for his safe flight home.