He was in charge of dinner. That wasn’t my plan. It was his. And truly, I was okay with that.

Just getting back home after a few days away working a conference meant that I had no plans for dinner. Left up to me, it would have been cheese omelets with diced tomatoes, because that’s what was in the fridge.

Thankfully, the kid was already taken care of at the Ex’s house. His fiancé had made sure that dinner was done, and that he was ready for bedtime steps.

“How you feel about Chinese?” he asked.

And so, fortunes were opened and read aloud after a feast of egg rolls, rice and saucy meat.

I read mine as a challenge. Just back from Dad 2.016, I was thinking about how I could write more.

He read his and smirked.

“Traveling to the south will bring you unexpected happiness.”

“See?!” I said enthusiastically. “Traveling south…to San Diego…will bring you much happiness. Trust me! You should definitely get your ticket, and let’s figure out a way we can make it a cross country drive.”

“Or,” He countered. “It means if you let me travel south, there will be unexpected happiness.”

He said it in his deep voice and wiggled his eyebrows like only the most dashing villains do.

And I sighed.