I remember telling him how much I loved flowers. With all the zest of youth, with the shine of adventure in my eyes, with my heart on my sleeve as we started on the path of coupling.

We were teenagers. In Italy. Newly met and falling in love.

And back then, flowers were it.

I love flowers as much now as I did then, but I understand how quickly they fade.

Music, though…

That’s a different kind of beauty. And it lasts so much longer.

This boy knew that. And at the same time he sent me a bouquet of daisies in the mail – after we got back to the States – he sent me an album. One of his favorites; one that still washes over me with fondness.

There’s a different boy in my life now. He’s never gotten me flowers, but he sends me music.

Just song or artist recommendations.

Melodies for me to consider.
Lyrics to hold me, challenge me, lift me up…make me smile.

I have a playlist of all the songs that he’s sent me. And a few that I’ve decided make me think of him.

I appreciate how diverse it is – just like this boy, who has facets – so many facets – that continue to shine new light on my life.