I woke up yesterday morning with sore hips. When I say sore, what I mean is that they literally felt bruised; they were tender and achy to the touch. I am a side sleeper and have been sleeping on a pallet since I’ve moved into the house.


Well, the first week I was here, my bed wasn’t. And this week…well, it seems that there are several parts playing “hide & seek” with me. I don’t particularly think it’s a funny game, but there you have it. They are nowhere to be found in my garage, and I’ve been telling myself each day that “this will be the day that I find the parts.”

What really kills me is that I sectioned of these little (and very important) pieces to avoid this very thing. I wanted to make sure they didn’t get lost so that my bed and the kid’s bed would be among the first things put together after the BIG move.


I set up the kid’s bed without waiting. I wanted him to be as comfortable as possible. He’s been sleeping on a twin bed here at the house, which normally would be fine, but he’s a fan of sleeping with 10 pillows and about 20 stuffed animals. A Twin doesn’t really have the capacity for all those extra items. At my apartment, he was using a full mattress and in order to make his life a little easier to bear, I moved out the Twin and laid the Full down on his floor. He’s already coping with enough chaos, and I didn’t want his bed to be an issue. If anyone needs their sleep around here, it’s the kid (or else he’s a grump that rivals Oscar). But I decided to wait on mine.

On moving day, I accomplished as much as possible to get the BIG move done and the kid’s space livable, and then I escaped the house to stay the night with the friend. I needed a happy, neutral zone; and I was super grateful when my friend let me come over and chill on his couch.

Then, if you remember, I roadtripped to Georgia. So, that took care of a couple of nights. But since I’ve returned, I’ve been back at it…in the old apartment packing and moving, in the house unpacking and cleaning, in the garage organizing. These parts are, as of yet, nowhere to be found. Argh.

Yesterday morning, my hips told me that they had had enough! Period. They reminded me that I’m only getting more old and decrepit, and since I am spending much of my time hauling and lifting and moving, I should consider being a little nicer to my body. I heard them…

So, when the ex left for the evening to enjoy a night out with friends, I acted. I hauled my queen sized box spring and mattress (which has been housed in his room for the past week, which he was tired of walking around…[all the bedrooms are on the second story in this house]) into my room. It’s a little ghetto at the moment, but I was heaven. I was so happy…and so were my hips.

Hopefully, we’ll find the parts soon. And if not, at least I’ve managed a comfortable solution in the meantime. I can’t wait to go to bed tonight. Just thinking about it….*yawn*