I made it to town with enough time to run through what I feel like may be my favorite plus size consignment shop ever.


Not sponsored.

Just a review on my personal experience of having another party at a consignment shop.

Cause that’s how I roll.

Sure. I’ve only been there once before, but it was a magical time. Great customer service, fun fellow shoppers, great deals, awesome vibe – and that electric blue dress for less than $7. Y’all! That dress!

No. I still haven’t worn it. Stay tuned. I’ll figure out something so that I can wear it soon.

Anyway, I had been eatin’ and drinkin’ in the car and made a mess on my tee (no surprise there, right?) – and I wanted to look nice, not-coffee stained, when I arrived to my final destination, so even though I had a tight schedule…there was a used book store I was planning to rummage through…I popped in, just to see what there was to see.

I charged myself to stay focused.

Tops only, no bottoms.

Well, and maybe, while I was here, I could take a look at the bra selection. I still need to replenish my stash after loosing some weight. (Thanks, Intermittent Fasting…)

Okay, so tops and bras.
Basically, the same thing. At least in the same genre.

Oh, and shoes – because those are always worth a perusal.

Tops and bras and shoes.

I was focused.

Like lightning, I pulled whatever struck my fancy. Made my way through to the back and remembered – I needed CASH for the clearance rack at this place. Darn it.

And there were two tops that, as I saw them, with their little $3 tags, I knew – KNEW IN MY BONES – they were going to fit perfectly. I shouldn’t have even pulled them off the rack. I didn’t have the cash to pay for them, but I had to know.


No shoes. No surprise.

And the bras were a bust.

But I did okay on the tops…

A couple of my favorites were no good, but there was this one – truly, a tad bit too big, but it was fun and billowy, and the color scheme made me smile in the kind of way that one does when they remember a favorite secret.

I didn’t really want to pay the tag price, but I knew that I would get my money’s worth out of it. It’s the kind of top that you can dress up or down. It was versatile – and it would be worth it…even if just for the opportunity to smile at the color-scheme-secret every time I put it on.

And yes, those two tops from the Clearance rack were indeed perfect.

But no cash meant I wasn’t going to be able to get them. And I wasn’t willing to forego my book errand to find an ATM (not to mention it was getting awful close to their closing time).

On my way to the register, I scanned the jewelry rack.

No. A necklace was not on the list. But I only just scanned on my way…and, of course, I found this brilliant hodge-podge of colors on a strand – that truly was a bit of a stretch to pair with the top, but perfect for me, as I’ve never completely followed the rules of fashion anyway.

At the register, I found out that I had read the tag wrong.

This shop labels their tags with a series of dates, and with each date there’s a lower price. I had forgotten that. The top was available at it’s lowest price. I about dig a jig.

Let me not lie.

I totally jigged. It was just me and the store clerk in the shop anyway. I jigged my heart out. And then asked permission to change.

I walked out feeling like a million bucks – even though I had to leave those Clearance beauties behind.

Well, I figured, if LIFE opened an opportunity for me to have cash in hand sometime the next day, I’d just stop by.

It was a slim chance. The whole next day was meant to be spent on the beach with friends. And my understanding was that we’d be getting an early start.

Apparently, I understood wrong.

Everyone was in chill mode come Saturday morning, and I took my happy little self back to the consignment shop and pulled both those cuties off the rack one minute after opening time.

It’s not every weekend I get to close a consignment shop and open it back up the next day with brilliant purchases both times.

See why this place is an easy favorite?