I met a friend for lunch today at one of our favorite Indian restaurants in town: Taaza Indian Bistro. He wanted to talk web stuff, but not professional web stuff (we work together to complete websites for small to medium businesses in our local area). I was definitely intrigued.

I mean, what other web stuff would he want to talk about?

He talked. I listened. And I thought it was definitely a good idea.

But one of the key factors to making sure this new web project is a success is taking the steps to build the community around it. Which means time. Lots of time. And development that’s planned in stages.

And that’s what I told him. If I was in charge of the project, I would A, B and then C.

Ah, web development over lunch. And as usual, it’s easier said than done. But at least the idea has been offered, affirmed and sketched out. Every web project has to start somewhere.

And the good ones have time and thoughtful minds supporting them. Just think about the really great websites you love; or the social media profiles you enjoy following. They’re usually designed well – pleasant to look at and easy to use – with engaging content that keeps you entertained or learning something new. And all of that – all those great elements – take time.

Stay tuned.

I think I am being pegged to be a part of the new platform – and I think I’m going to love it!