We’re coming off a huge bump in the road that we’ve been working together to scale.

In general, what can bring two people together to fight along side each other like never before?

Their kid.

Yep. Our kid’s been going through a rough time lately, and we’ve been working extra hard to stay on top of the details in order to nip it in the bud.

(I would also like to add that it is much easier to handle the details being under the same roof, than not. So…good timing, I suppose.)

In order to get over this hurdle, we’ve been a little kinder to each other. Not anything over the top, just more aware of each others burdens and doing what we can to pitch in. I think it’s probably called, “being family.”


Being kinder to each other has opened up a new familiarity between us. Definitely not like it was in the “good old days;” but I think we’ve become a little more comfortable in the shared space.

We’re back to teasing each other in a good-natured kind of way.

The other night, he was giving me a hard time; and we were laughing, as he continued to rag me pretty hard about something that’s ingrained into my character, but that drives people batty (him especially).

My first impulse was to petulantly stick my tongue out at him.

But we had this thing when we were together…about me sticking out my tongue. He used to say, “Don’t stick it out unless you plan to use it.” And then he’d give me that look and we’d share an x-rated conspiratorial grin.

So, I decided not to do it. No reason to take some good-natured teasing to an x-rated place. Things are awkward enough already, there’s no reason to add to it.

Instead, I busted out my new favorite.
I scratched my nose at him…with my middle finger; a playful “fuck you,” if you will: “Oh, darn. My nose really itches,” I said sarcastically.

He laughed.
And said, “Ah, but only if you would.”


Yea, I didn’t see that response coming. And, I gave him a shocked, what-the-hell-are-you-thinking kind of look. He shrugged.

“You’re the one who just propositioned me.”


I didn’t think he even still considered that kind of thing.
I mean…I’m not stupid. I know he’s male. I am the only female under his roof; it’s all about the hot n’ fresh vagina, but really?! I didn’t think he’d be brash enough to actually say anything about it. Or, not even brash, but want it enough to say something to me.

TO ME = his ex wife

This man kills me.