My Dad took the kid and I to see Escape from Planet Earth this afternoon. It was a surprise adventure and I was happy to have an afternoon diversion planned and disguised as family time. We stuffed ourselves in the theater’s too-small seats with a large popcorn, a large coke and a bag of Swedish Fish. If you haven’t taken some time to spend an afternoon at the movies, I would remind you to take the opportunity!

Remember during the afternoon, the tickets will only cost the matinee price (an arm and only half your leg, in other words).

Also remember that the time you spend laughing with the people you love is priceless. And this movie is funny! The three of us laughed and laughed.

Later this evening, while eating dinner, I asked the kid, “What was your favorite part of the movie?”

The Kid: The wedding.

Me: Oh, really?

The Kid: Yea.

Me: Do you remember who got married?

The Kid: No.

Me: Was it the big guy or the skinny guy?

The Kid: It was the big guy.

Me: That’s right. Do you remember who he married?

The Kid: No.

Me: It was the reporter. Do you remember?

The Kid: Yes.

And then, out of nowhere, there was a switch in the conversation –

The Kid: Mom, are you married?

Me: I was. I’m not anymore.

The Kid: Who were you married to?

Me: I was married to your Daddy.

The Kid: Why did you get married?

Holy buckets!! I didn’t expect questions like these for a while. I mean, you think they’re gonna come and you mention to yourself that you shouldn’t be surprised when they do, but you don’t realize how they’ll hit you when you least expect it.

It reminded me of Gary Supernova’s experience with Brain Freeze. There was no warning – just an immediate brain-power shortage.

I came up with the best that I could under the short notice…

Me: We got married because we loved each other and we wanted to spend the rest of our lives together.

The Kid: Okay.

A wave of relief washed over me as he abruptly changed the subject. I couldn’t believe that I had gotten off this easy. But I realize it’s just a temporary reprieve from the questions that will continue coming. The questions that he’ll ask to understand life and love.

There’s no escape from this. No super-awesome rocket ship to blast me off into space. I’ll have to face the kid’s questions with sincerity and just hope for the best.

Like any parent, I suppose.