You shouldn’t overspend at the moment. Frugality is important.

Oh, dear fortune, don’t you know that it’s my birthday month?

I mean, for reals?! I’m already pretty tight on how the money goes out of here…aren’t I allowed to spend a little extra for my birthday?!

So, this fortune hits me in the **FEELS** —

I’m planning all kinds of celebrations this month, comings-and-goings, a couple of roadtrips, parties, etc… And it’s already on a budget. With the recent transition back to freelancing, it’s not like I’m swimming in the bi-monthly paycheck excess.

But, I hear the warning. I would – because of the special occasion – slant towards the side of indulgence (I mean, it’s not every year you turn 36). Instead, I will be vigilent and strategic with how the money gets spent.


It’s like being a kid and being told to eat your vegetables…

No dessert until you’ve eaten all your Lima beans.