Forgiveness is not an occasional act, it is a constant attitude.
— Martin Luther King Jr.

I saw this quote on Twitter today and couldn’t help but think how it completely applied to my circumstance of the moment. I really, really have issues with the way this man lives, and here I am on the precipice of moving back in with him…to clean up his mess…to protect the investment his parents made.

I feel like I am churning through all the anger and frustration of two years ago – and dealing with a bigger mess (literal) to boot.

And from beyond the grave, Mr. King reminds me that forgiveness isn’t a one time thing or even a many time thing; it is a constant thing. And so, today I claim forgiveness for what has been done; I claim forgiveness for myself and for him…for all the things we’ve mishandled.

Today, the day that I move back in, I claim I will remember that forgiveness includes a perspective of starting “fresh.”

(Which means, that I will try my darnedest to only take issue with the things that frustrate me now…instead of adding the frustrations of the past several years as a topping.)