It was such a sunny Sunday afternoon.

I decided to spend some time soaking it all in – along with a little wisdom.

I wanted to get this book finished up…there were a few people who had already risen to the surface, people I knew would appreciate the challenge to raise their level of awareness, and I wanted to text them an encouragement to read it.

But goodness…I needed to make sure that I finished it first.
I can’t be sending book recommendations of half-read books…

I mean…the last sentence could be something like…Forget everything you just read. I was just kidding. You never know…best to get all the way to the end before offering an endorsement.

When one of the alpha males in your inner circle walks to his bookshelf, pulls out The Four Agreements, hands it to you and says…”You need to read this.”

There’s no…

I don’t have time.
I’m too busy.
Why don’t I get that next time.

There’s only…

Yes. I know.
I’ll take care of your book.
Next time I see you, we’ll talk about it.

There were a few other choice words in my response, but I’ll leave it there. You’re welcome to assume my snarky, smart-ass comment in retort to this man who I’ve known since high school and who continues to challenge me 20+ years later.

Sometimes the Universe is gentle and its guidance is like a soft, summer breeze; other times, it knocks you up side the head with a brick.

I should also say – to be fair – I’ve been meaning to read this for a long time…so, ah, there’s no time like the present.

With my adult beverage in hand, I popped a squat on my back porch to enjoy the rest of the Sunday sunshine.

And I finished the book.

And I breathed in deeply.
And exhaled a list of people, of close-ones, I wanted to encourage to read it too.

My text went a little bit like this…

In my opinion, this book is worth your time and consideration.

Just finished it up today. (Took some time reading in the sunshine. Hope your day was as pretty as mine was.)

Again, IMHO, a short read with some interesting (and, in some cases) challenging concepts (depending on your upbringing).

I find that Agreement #1 hits me in the FEELS as Words of Affirmation is a top Love Language for me.

Consider yourself a close-one at the moment, because you just read my text. It’s my encouragement to raise your level of awareness and challenge your ideas/thoughts/upbringing.

If you had a choice to suffer your destiny or enjoy it, which would you choose?

Seems simple, right?

We’d choose to ENJOY it.

But, we don’t.

We’re caught up in a hot mess of our own making – and often – don’t even realize it.

And sometimes, something…someone…comes along and gives us a good shake-up. A smack. A splash of cold water in the face. And it’s like waking up from a bad dream to realize that you are absolutely in charge of your own ending – a happy ending – and the relief that follows and washes over you like a warm ocean wave.

Consider this statement: “Freedom with wisdom instead of innocence.”

It occurs to me that though innocence is a delightful state of being, wisdom offers power. Power of experience, of choice…of knowing.

I’ll take the knowing.

The power in knowing that I want more love and light in my life; that I want more self-understanding and acceptance – and grace; that control and discipline over my mind-space is paramount to build the life I want.

The Four Agreements is just a path.
A process of challenging yourself to break free from a “hot mess” existence.

There are many paths, lots of processes.

I think humans – as diverse as we are – need different words, mentors, paths, processes to find our way from the “hot mess” into the light…

For me, this is a path that I will spend time considering and implementing with purposeful intent.

Have you read, The Four Agreements?

Did you find it challenging, enlightening…or just pile of poo?