It was the only one left on the shelf.
On sale. Like it was waiting for me.

It’s a simple thing really. Just a mug.

But it’ll carry happy memories for as long as I have it – and for that, I am thankful and my heart is encouraged.

I returned from my trip to San Diego to a kid who was eager for me to open an unmarked card. Not really sure that it was for me – he was very sure – I opened it carefully.

And to my delight, it was for me.

His father (and I suspect his step-mom too) had taken some time to pull together a sweet birthday card for me and included a gift.

“The Starbucks card was my idea,” he said proudly.

I chuckled to myself…and wondered if he had been given a list of options, or if Starbucks really had come to his mind independently. My kid knows I’m a coffee fiend…

I guess there are worse things.

My plan was to indulge in caramel latte #yummygoodness during the weekend of my birthday retreat, which was the upcoming weekend (birthday celebrations are extended in my house). But somehow, I didn’t end up making it to a Starbucks while I was on the road or in Wilmington. How weird is that?!

Pretty weird.
But it was meant to be

This past weekend, when I stopped in my local shop to share a treat and a heart-to-heart, I found this mug. On super sale. And it occurred to me how perfect it was to find a sweet little mug and get it with my gift card (a gesture of love and kindness itself) so that I could remember this happy time – and not just consume the balance without anything to show for it.

So I snatched it up and asked for my caramel latte to be served it my brand new cup.

And I loved every sip.