I truly love working at TS Designs. It’s such a fun group of diverse personalities. And the company is really making its mark in the sustainable apparel industry with their in-house t-shirt brand, Cotton of the Carolinas.

I really enjoy having the opportunity to promote the adventures and the stories surrounding the company’s continued development. And I appreciate the opportunity to work in a position where I get to hone my craft in online marketing and content creation.

One of the goals we focus on as a Sales and Marketing team is creating stronger connections with our customers and online community. We love supporting local businesses and realize that many companies choose us for custom t-shirt orders for the same reason.

And we decided to complete the circle by adding a new element to our agenda: Monthly Local Socials.

We’re inviting our online community, friends and family to join us in supporting local business by organizing monthly outings that will directly support our local customers.

It’s really brilliant! It gives me a chance to collect new content (mainly images and videos) that highlights our Sales and Marketing team out and about in the community, not to mention our products and our awesome customers. We’re going out to get those photo ops instead of pining for them sadly in the office. Grabbing that bull by the you-know-what. Making stories and memories, having tons of laughs and knowing that our patronage is directly supporting our local economy.

Check out this great picture of Tyler (our Sales Guru) and Margaret (the Queen of Everything) at Pompieri Pizza. They ordered several of our Cotton of the Carolinas brand t-shirts for their Grand Opening in downtown Durham, NC.

In February, we’re heading to Natty Greene’s Production Brewery for a private tour (just especially for our group) and then to the Elm St. Brewhouse for dinner and drinks. Everyone is welcome to join us, but we do have a limited number of tickets so sign up right now and be prepared for a great night with some of the coolest people you’ll ever meet.

(Me excluded. I’m as boring as moss growing on a rock, but you already know that.)