Meet Fatayas.

Seasoned beef encased in a flaky pastry shell with caramelized onions in a special sauce drizzled on top. You can order these delectable takes on the traditional meat pocket (think about it, just about every culture has their own version) at Mawa’s Taste of Africa in Morrisville, NC.

I enjoy Mawa’s for both the choice and quality of African cuisine, as well as the very pleasant service and attention from the staff. They are always willing to take a newcomer and walk them through the menu to try and suit tastes; it happened on my first time at the restaurant, and I saw it happen again tonight when the waitress offered suggestions to my friend regarding which Chicken-based dinner she should try.

Although the flavors can sometimes challenge my pallet, I’ve never had anything at Mawa’s that I didn’t like. If you are adventurous and close to Morrisville, get there and eat well!

Order the fatayas – you will not be disappointed!