Sometimes, the pain inside is the dream knocking about, kicking and screaming, dying for release into the world.

Handwritten lyrics are from Consuming Fire by Third Day.

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Ever have a dream inside of you that seems crazy? Like CRAZY crazy?

You don’t really want to talk about it…you just think about it over and over again. In the between-moments of life, you find yourself building out your dream, castles that reach high in the sky.

As you settle down for bed, it’s the vision you see last as sleep finally overtakes you. It’s the first thing on your mind when you wake up.

But…it’s crazy…because, you can’t possibly pull it off.

Can you?

Dreams are funny. They serve a purpose. One that you’re specifically built to fulfill. That dream finds you, because you are the person who can bring it to life.

You can impact so many people, so many lives, by bringing a dream to life.

But it’s crazy.

Okay, we’ve already established that.

But it’s hard.

Yea…it’ll take work. The good dreams usually do, but since you’re thinking about it all the time, you’ve probably already figured out the initial steps. Just get started on those.

But, people won’t understand.

Maybe. But then, the dream wasn’t supposed to impact them. There are people who will understand, who will be changed because of the dream.

You can decide to live the dream – or let the dream die.

That’s really what the choice boils down to, right?

Letting a dream die is a painful process. More so, I think, than living it.

I’ve done both, so I have some experience in the matter.

This time, I am living out the dream. Taking the time for creation and development. Building a fire that I hope will burn brightly for a good, long time. I hope that you will be one of the ones impacted positively because of this path I am on.

So, what’s the dream that’s inside of you?

Are you ready to fan the flame of that fire and let it shine?