So, you aren’t worried about, maybe, getting into a position where you start getting feelings for him again? I mean, living together could bring up that issue, you know.

He was asking me the question that’s on everyone’s mind: am I planning on getting back together with my ex. And the answer is: I have no intention on letting myself choose that option for my heart, for my future.

He’s the kind of guy who didn’t offer to lend a hand while I was unpacking the car this afternoon. He’s the kind of guy that, though the house is falling a part around him and he’s got notices from the HOA, he doesn’t mind taking the time to play his online games.

(I am NOT against gaming; I am against not taking responsibility for what you own. My philosophy is work hard to play hard. And since I am a BIG FAN of playing hard, I work hard to earn it. And I love to game, but I am more of an old school gamer: Mario and Zelda.)

He’s the kind of guy that doesn’t say goodbye when I tell him that we’re leaving and we’ll be back later – I mean, he didn’t say anything, no response at all; just a dead-pan look. He’s the kind of guy that scheduled a dinner on the night that me and the kid were moving back; and when he got home, there’s no greeting, no acknowledgement, no nothing.

Like I told my friend that day…

I’ve got to respect a guy to want to be with him. There’s got to be some sort of exchange that gives me a thrill. He doesn’t do that for me anymore. I’ve seen too much of his apathy, his lack of interest to care. Why should I care so much, when I know that he cares so little? And shouldn’t I be with someone who puts forth a little effort to show that he cares? I mean, just in what I’ve mentioned in this post, this doesn’t really sound like a guy who wants to get back with his girl, with the mother of his child.

It would be one of the stupidest decisions for me to make. To engage him on that level. I hate to put it this way…but I’m not that desperate.