So…not only do I love eating at home, I really, really like drinking at home.

But you knew that, didn’t you?

I think what I love about it so much is the opportunity to experiment…without paying for someone else’s vision, mixology and ambiance.

Today, soaking up the sunshine from the back porch, watching the laundry dry on the line and reading a good book…with a new flavor mix working its magic in my mouth, was enough.

This is not a sponsored post.

Social House Vodka has no idea they’re on my radar.

A blogger engagement experience from 2017 put NC-made spirits on my hit list. And so, when I visit the ABC stores looking for liquor, I ALWAYS start at the Made in NC shelves.

I picked up a sample of Social House in Wilmington after finding one of my new faves as a fifth (a different NC-made vodka). That was my go-to, since vodka was on the “need” list, but I wanted to give this one…Social House…a shot…

…(chuckles at the pun)…

According to their website:

Social House sources their corn locally, from a farmer who plants non-GMO corn. And because they use corn, their vodka is also gluten free.

Go to their website and read…they’re marketing a story of care and craft…and pride…that starts from the farm and ends in the glass.

I dig that.

Before I started the mixology process, I took a few sips straight from the bottle. I needed to get an idea of what I was working with before layering…

I found it to be smooth – not as smooth as some I’ve had in the past, mind you – but still enjoyable on its own. And while I might be tempted to call it sharp, I don’t mean that it a negative way. I mean it that this spirit came at me like a manager in his early 40’s with deadlines barking in his face, but still working with his team kindly in order to run an efficient, positive, streamlined office environment.

Don’t get it?
Then take a sip for yourself.

I upended (the rest of) my bottle into a mason jar and added 2 spoonfuls of peach-mango preserves. Mixed it up and gave it a whiff…and a sip. I was in the mood for something sweet, so I added a generous teaspoon of local honey and mixed that about as well.

A drop of lavender for some sophistication (remember, this was a 40 year old manager running a productive group of individuals…there was no sloppiness here) and I filled the rest of the jar with a can of seltzer.

It was my jam.

Perfect for a sunny, Sunday afternoon with a good book.

Have you been exploring local spirits? Any recommendations on what I should try next?