I am one of those people…let me go ahead and confess that: one of those people who had a bad experience with sushi, which has now put me off a bit.

I had come to a place in life where I was going to tackle sushi as a good type, and I did a really good job wading into the waters of experimentation and trial/error. But, then, there was this one time.

It could have been the prepackaged sushi.
It could have been the fact that I mixed it with German wine; with too much wine.

Let’s just say that my friend’s apartment probably never smelled the same ever again….I was mortified and completely closed to the idea of sushi…for a very long time. Just smelling it turned my belly to dark, ugly places.

But, I am also one of those “if you fall off the horse, just get back on” kind of people (for most things; timing is always relative). So, I put myself in sushi-encountering moments. I had to get over smelling it first. Then, I would take bites and eat them slowly…carefully; just one slice of a roll. I did that for a long, long time.

And then recently, I tried Nigiri sushi. And LOVED it!
Its simplicity appeals to my still-nervous belly.

My good friend, holding my hand and helping me wade back into the sushi waves, ordered Unagi; and I haven’t been the same since. The eel is tender and lightly basted with a sweet sauce.

I tell my belly, “Hey, don’t freak – it’s only eel and rice and a tiny bit of seaweed. Nothing to get all “up in arms” over. Promise. High in nutrients that provide stamina; and what else is going to get you through the rest of the workday? You know that chocolate really doesn’t; you just try to convince yourself of that one.” And, miraculously, it seems to work.

Try it.
This is good stuff.

Definitely yummy-goodness.