Disclaimer: I am familiar with the Dove Men+Care brand from my participation at events like Dad 2.0 Summit and the At Home Dad Con. At these events, I’ve received product (read: swag), but haven’t received any other form of compensation. I’ve got no problem purchasing Dove Men+Care body wash and shampoo for the kid when we’re running low – and have both online and at the store; and no problem telling you my honest opinion without swaggy bias.

Dove Men+Care is the type of brand that is thinking about the bigger picture, thinking about how they can positively impact lives with their platform, message and products.

This is my third year at Dad 2.0 Summit, my first without being tied to a brand myself, and it was awesome to see Dove Men+Care being consistently awesome – and expanding on it!

Did you know that the Dove lounge, this year called the Hero Locker Room, offers a full butcher shop so that attendees can get a little (or a lot) off the top and their beards trimmed? All are welcome, and even though I was tempted to sign up to knock off a few inches, I didn’t.

Instead, I took some time to look at the hero stories, words of affirmation submitted from dads about other dads, many at the event – so many familiar names of guys working hard to make a positive impact – and even added my own hero submission to the Real Heroes Roster.

Learn more about Dove Men+Care’s involvement at Dad 2.0 Summit.

On the Home Front

We graduated from kiddie soap in the shower a while ago – I’ve got one BIG (and stinky) little man…you know how it goes – and he’s already brand savvy enough to know we’ve got the good stuff.

My thanks to Dove Men+Care for supporting #realstrength in their ads and in the guys at Dad 2.0 Summit – including my kid, who, though he wasn’t at the event, is growing up faster than I can imagine and will be taking his place among the men sooner than my heart is ready for…

(Sniff, sniff.)

Thank you for promoting opportunities for him to see real character, real sacrifice, real effort – and real love. We appreciate your generosity, and your focus on the bigger picture!