I did try to manufacture a dresscapade for the red dress.

I promise you I did…

Fresh from an enthusiastic hug after a long catch-up session, I looked at him and said, “I have this red dress that I really want to take out for a date night. I know you have unbelievably sexy clothes to match. Let’s go out for a night on the town.”

He was down.

And man….he would have been a tasty little bit of arm candy…so handsome – but we’re both incredibly busy, driven individuals and haven’t had – or made – the time to reconnect.

And with the way I’ve been losing weight as I continue to practice Intermittent Fasting, the window of possibility for a night out on the town in that dress has come and gone.

What is a dresscapade, you ask?

Ah…well, it’s the term I dubbed for taking my dresses out.

Apparently, I have a thing for dresses. But there have been many I’ve either never worn, or only wore once/twice before my weight and shape ruled them out as options.

Then there are the dresses that I’ve purchased at consignment or while thrifting…so cheap…and SO CLOSE to fitting that I couldn’t help but buy them and add them to the “pile” of clothes that would fit right…one day.

Yes. You can call me out for having poor self-discipline. I won’t argue.

But, back to dresscapades…

As I’ve been losing weight – and actually getting into all of these dresses – I’ve been trying to take them all out for…well, to be seen. They’re so pretty.

Here. See for yourself: Example 1, Example 2, Example 3, Example 4 and Example 5.

I have totally been diligent, y’all.

But the red dress was a little more difficult to plan for…

Five dollars.

Crazy, delightful score from a Goodwill location in Asheville, NC.

We were in the western part of the state for family vacation. I took the kid to Goodwill to see what the mountain people had shed from their closets, and what we might be able to take home.

It was one of the best trips to Goodwill ever: fleece and snow gear, and all kinds of layers warm and lovely – for me and the kid.

And, then…there was this red dress.

That I almost missed. But when I saw it – truly, it was love at first sight.

A little snug in the fit…but only just a little (okay, it may have been more than just a little); but for $5, I could surely figure out an opportunity to wear such a classy, snazzy frock.

It’s the kind of dress that walks a fine line.

Drape-y and clingy – without being sleazy. Revealing without actually showing anything. A ridiculously obscene shade of red that compliments my skin tone perfectly.

And no one has seen it, because it’s been tucked in my dark closet…waiting.

And, waiting.

And now, it’s too late.

Baggy isn’t sexy.

And yes, I could take the recommendation of those who’ve challenged me to just get it altered…but y’all – who you talkin’ to?! – ain’t nobody got time for that.

So, I will leave it intact and pass it along. Because, there is another heart out there who is going to fall in love with the way it hugs curves ever so softly.

But here’s the thing – my lesson-learned, my recommendation to others…

Don’t wait.

I know that this whole blog post has been centered on a dress, but I’d like to move away from that for just a moment…

We wait for the perfect time, the perfect opportunity, the moment that makes sense…and we wait – and wait. And time passes. And the opportunity dies, the moment is lost.

And we miss out.

As my ever-wise neighbor, Mr. J., once said: “When it’s too late, it’s too late.”

For whatever it is in your life…your proverbial red dress…don’t wait; don’t miss out.

ROCK IT. And enjoy.

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