Last Friday, instead of meeting with friends as soon as I got into town, I stopped at Kure Beach for some quality time at the place where water meets land…

I wasn’t paying attention. I was stuck in my mind, in a loop that I couldn’t get out of…around and around, the same bloody circle of thoughts…a downward spiral into the dark…

And while I wasn’t too close to the water, that doesn’t matter when the tide is coming in and crashes against the sand ledge.

“Don’t be angry,” it said to me, like a best friend who playfully bats at you, trying to knock you out of a negative rumination.

I was properly splashed. Head to toe.

Slapped out of my mind space into the moment…I totally giggled.

What else could I do?

My present truth was meeting friends in just a short time, having dinner, celebrating each other and catching up…

…and walking in like the ocean has just had its way with me wasn’t the plan. I needed to pay closer attention to HERE and NOW…my current path; not be obsessed with the path that had been closed off.

It was clear that growth would not be possible there, so why was I willing to waste any more time mourning what might have been?

For the millionth time, I wished my feelings would get in line with my logic and march along to the beat of progress, but it seemed that they needed a lot of salt therapy to properly rinse the wound.