Having two home fronts is a tiring experience.

I’ve been living in the house since January 16th, but I’ve still had many things at the apartment. Today, that duality officially comes to an end. I am fully here: 100% – right or wrong, good or bad…for better or for worse.

The BIG move was 2 weekends ago and though it was a HUGE help in getting a majority of my possessions out of the apartment, I had my helpers mainly focus on the large pieces of furniture, the heavy items. It was a chilly and rainy day; a miserable day for moving (really, all those helpers get GOLD STARS in my book for volunteering their time and effort to help me on such a miserable day). They were interested in helping me with the smaller items in the kitchen, but I was mostly worried about people catching colds…

So, the time since then has been focused on grabbing whatever will fit in my car and unloading it into the garage. Grab and dump. Grab and dump. Eventually, I had to stop going to the apartment and take time to make space in the garage again. Trying to figure out a place for everything: what should be stored, what should be sold and what should be trashed.

Today, the last day before the lease was up was my goal to be done and done. I scheduled a web development meeting tomorrow for the Love Letters project…knowing that I would be upping my ante so to speak. My web development meetings can span the entire morning as we discuss different options moving forward and I had an inking that I really would not want to have to go back to the apartment (see? sometimes playing games with yourself really does work).

In this case, it was as good as gold.
I busted my butt today to get it done. I can’t tell you how many times I packed up the car with leftovers from the apartment and dumped them into the garage. I actually also got several residual errands completed as well. It was a killer day. I spent the afternoon and evening cleaning the apartment well enough so that the Property Manager wouldn’t fuss.

Whew. Go me!
Now sleep….
There’s a whole new battle to fight tomorrow.