We all deal with hurricane prep in our own way.

(At the time this is being written, North Carolina is expecting Florence to hit hard in the next few days.)

For this little home office, getting a much needed ink delivery BEFORE the storm hits was a huge win.

Sure, the power may go out.

(I have a generator for the important things.)

But, if it doesn’t, as my local world hunkers down to ride out the storm, I can happily work on reports and back-of-the-house tasks, that include a lot of printing…

I’m working on an epic accounting catch-up process with the help of a new contractor. And, there’s that novella I’ve been raving about that needs retyping, so that I can wrap my mind around edits and continued story-building (it’s a hot mess of typed and hand-written notes at the moment).

There are plenty of boxes still to check to prep, I’ll admit.

Water to store.
Food stuffs to buy.
Kid to set expectations with.

But when it gets here, well…there’s just weathering it.

And, with the hope that power will remain intact, I’ll be giving my printer a run for its money.