It was time for confession. Her face made that plain as day.

“I had to go in,” she said. “I didn’t intend on buying anything!”

She said that last part emphatically as she pulled out a pastry box from her passenger side seat. I giggled. But when she opened the box and I saw 5 of the prettiest cupcakes I’ve seen – ever – I looked at her and responded, “Oh my god! You bought a half dozen cupcakes even though you meant not to buy anything?!”

I acted incredulous. But I know this women. I come from the same stuff she’s made of, and so I completely understand how she could walk into a den of sweet treats not intending to get anything, and come out with a whole box of tasty morsels.

“You’ve got to take them,” the edge to her voice as manic.

“I can’t take them all! You should enjoy them. They’re so pretty!”

Somehow, I ended up with three to take home. Halfies, it would seem, was the answer to making things right in her mind. That, and she was heading to the gym to offer penance for straying from the path of health and weight loss.


Well, I’ve been planning the start of a renewed journey to health. Taking little baby steps here and there. But I wasn’t so in over my head that a few cupcakes would set be back, or make me feel guilty.

I have definitely taken them one at a time – if that offers any credit to my cause. Just a few extra million calories to add to the already crazy-big pile of them waiting my sweaty attention.

But that look on her face while confessing the whole thing. That’s the sweetest part. And that memory alone will be worth the extra work I put in at the gym. When I get there, that is.