I had a terrible headache yesterday. It was a pollen-induced monster that had already been pestering me for 2 days. I was beginning to understand the agony of those who struggle with migraines. The consistent pounding ache was driving me crazy – and it was so hard to focus for any extended amount of time on anything.

But even as tired and pain-stressed as I was, I was tired of feeling that way and tired of that petulant-brat of a headache.

So, as I waited for the Deli Attendant to slice my kid’s favorite baloney, I tried to focus on something bigger and more awesome. And that’s when I heard a great tune come over the store’s speaker system. It seeped into my bones, into my brain and made me smile. For almost 3 minutes, I forgot about my headache and remembered a happier, more care-free time. I smiled – and danced.

And the kid followed my lead.

And that’s how Dance Party of 2 began yesterday at the Burlington, NC BJ’s.