Does it count if the courage didn’t come from your own heart, but instead was gifted to you by the heart of another?

That’s the question of the evening.

It almost feels like I didn’t fight “the good fight,” because I was using a strategy that until recently wasn’t my own.

Basically, I borrowed another set of balls to handle my business.

And I’m trying to figure out if it’s legit. Does it count? Is it blessed by the gods of good friends who know just how to bolster you up in the midst of a personal battle?

And more importantly, will it stick? Just because I was able to succeed in this one battle, will the winning streak continue on with me to other battles? Or will it realize that it’s been lended-out, taken by a less-than-worthy heart; and take a leave of absence just when I need to be my most strong?

Lots of questions running though my mind. Lots of trying to be strong and realizing that it’s my friends who are making me be strong. On my own, I am a lily-livered weakling.

Or is that what I’ve been led to believe; and instead the truth is that my friends are trying to jump-start the lioness they know is within?