Confession: My milk is bad.

I think it is terrible that a foodie such as myself would allow milk to go bad, but alas – it’s the truth.

I woke up craving French Toast – and since it was Christmas Day, I was inclined to give myself what I wanted. And then, I realized my milk was bad. And not just a little bad – really bad. Rank.

But…I purchased Egg Nog for my family Holiday get together. Saved.

And so, that’s how this came together.

Eggnog French Toast with sliced bananas and topped with Lemon Curd and Herbed Chevre

I didn’t want syrup. The batter for the bread was already sweet enough. I have a few bananas that are getting spots – I figured I should incorporate one into the morning. Potassium and all that jazz.

I didn’t want it to be too sweet – hence the Lemon Curd topping. And a crumble or two of herbed chevre to provide a counterbalance of flavor.

Totally awesome. Trust me.