By the time I finally made it through the drive-thru at Chick-fil-Athis afternoon, it’s a wonder that I noticed anything at all besides my food as it was handed to me.

But somewhere in the exchange of food and payment, I noticed that they had posted a Social Media “Follow Us” poster on the drive-thru window. It was large and very easy to read; and listed all the platforms associated with this particular local Chick-fil-A – so that I could stay in touch with events and promotions, so said the poster.

I love it when businesses I love to frequent make it this easy for me. I am the kind of person that will search out a platform, but that doesn’t mean I necessarily like to. You want me as a consumer to stay in touch with your posts so that I may be tempted by a sale or new in-store item? Then get in front of my face and let me know you exist! Chances are, especially if I visit often, that I do want to follow you; because last time I checked, I LOVE sales and special, invite-only promotions. This isn’t a marketing technique that we need to be shy about. I want to connect – so let me know that you’re there and ready to share great content with me!

*Note: Sorry about not having an associated image. I would have loved to show you exactly what the poster looked like. But by the time I was realizing I should grab my camera, the last of my food was handed to me and I couldn’t help but think of the rest of the city’s inhabitants behind me waiting in line for their own tasty chicken sandwiches. Next time.