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Pork and Potatoes

I love to celebrate. It doesn’t even matter what the occasion is…Thanksgiving, 4th of July, my son’s birthday, Friday afternoon, lunch hour – well, you get the idea. Father’s Day is no exception. My...

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Chicken Roll-Ups

At least that’s what my friend calls it. He mixes cooked chicken, a couple “cream of” soups, some shredded cheese and a some veggies in a bowl. Then he makes dumplings by wrapping the mixture in some crescent roll dough. He pops...

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Dutch Gouda Cheese Biscuits

In a bowl, mix Bisquick and a generous amount of shredded cheese (any is fine). Add milk until batter is a thick paste. Spoon onto nonstick surface. Bake at 400 for approximately 15mins. You want to talk about EASY...

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