It’s hard to be a bud when you see blooms all around you.

Yesterday was a hard day. I got him home and we refocused on assignments and had a discussion on how successful he’d been on his organizational tasks. A change in his schedule at school got him out of whack, and he struggled. He got stuck. He didn’t turn in assignments. He turned in the wrong assignments. He lost a project folder.

At the end of our daily assessment, he was done. And overwhelmed. And just let it go. And cried and cried.

I reached out and touched his knee gently, and when he finally looked at me, I said softly, “You’re not alone.” He wiped his tears and snot, and reached for me. We held on tight.

Everyday we fight battles that are mere inconveniences, if even that, to others. I’m so proud of his effort. There are many bright days full of success. There are also many dark days full of anger, frustration, impatience and sadness.

It’s hard to be you when there are so many people around you who look like they’ve got it all together. Take a deep breath, my love. Some buds take more time to bloom, and that’s okay.

You’re growing and thriving, and refining your beauty.

And when you bloom, we will all be astonished at your magnificence.