I told him…this friend of mine who isn’t a parent yet, but has seen me raise the one I’ve got for the last 7 years or so…

It’s weird to feel your heart shine with pride over growth and break with the knowledge of time-passed, all at the same time.


(Talking to my fellow parents here.)

It’s massive to think about all the moments that pass, the moments you can never get back.

The kid calls to me from the bathroom…

“Mom, I think I’m growing a beard too!”

We’ve all (talking about the family here) talked about how he’s got a pretty decent layer of peach fuzz that’s made itself pretty prominent on his upper lip.

This cannot be happening.

I head to the bathroom to look at the area he’s pointing to.

Sure enough, he’s got a tiny little groups of hairs under his bottom lip. They weren’t there before.

Had to kiss his chin right away in the moment.

It won’t be a boy chin for much longer.