I’ve scheduled my first book signing event! I can’t even believe it.

There’s a new coffee shop in the county that I live in. Come to find out, it’s own and operated by a girl I went to Jr. High with, what seems like eons ago. During my first visit to the shop, I noticed that they carry a lot of local artwork and I asked if they would be willing to carry my books as a local author. They were open to the idea!


I also mentioned that since they were new on the scene (and so was I) maybe we could team up and schedule an event in honor of the Valentine’s season. It was the next big holiday on the calendar, so we could probably have a little easier time raising awareness within the community and it would dovetail perfectly with my platform.

It was scheduled.

And, so, if you are local (within driving distance to Alamance County, NC) come out on February 11th at 10am and meet us at the General Store and Coffee Shop of Bellemont. We’ll be there until noon. The shop will be sponsoring face painting and card making for the kids, and I will be selling and signing books.

I wouldn’t mind if you wish me a happy birthday, too. I will be turning 31. (grin)