2013 begins a new writing opportunity for jab’s plethora. The Program Director of DATC, a dental assistant training center located in Graham, NC, has contracted me to write a blog post every month highlighting the details of the program. I couldn’t be more excited about this great opportunity to share the story of a project that I’ve seen come to life over the last few years.

I didn’t think there was any better way to get started than by sharing a little first hand expereince of the first day of classes for the Session 8 group of students.


DATC Session 8 – First Day of Class

On Saturday, January 19th, the Dental Assistant Training Program officially began classes for Session 8 in Graham, NC. The students were excited to be in class and eager to absorb the information provided by Instructor Tracey Thompson Payne. It’s not hard to pay attention to Ms. Payne, since she reviews the information in a down-to-earth conversational tone with a lot of humor sprinkled in here and there.

Self-awareness is one of the main points that DATC Instructors try to weave throughout each lesson in the Program. Dental Assistants need to be actively engaged in what they’re doing, no matter how routine their patterns within the dental office become. And awareness starts in earnest with Class One and a discussion on Glove Safety.


Read more on the DATC Main website.