What is your dark side?
How do you fight for the light?

Or, do you even try…to identify, acknowledge, face – and rise above?

UPDATE on DAD: He’s local. Like super local. At a rehab facility in Graham. So, if you have time to visit and feel up to offering encouragement, holler at me and I’ll send you the details.

He’s…IDK what to say…to him, to you, or to my kid.

Darkness is subtle.

It takes on so many shapes/shades and does serious damage to our WILL…and unless we are aware, and choose an active engagement and fight-to-live kind of attitude…we lose.

We lose ourselves, our story, our opportunity to impact and effect change…
– to apathy, excuses, comfort, familiarity, entitlement…and, while external influence is important and vital and can help turn the tide…the most powerful influence needs to be from within – nothing can replace the power of our own light, our own mind.

Pray, you say.
The light of God can…

Sure. “The light of God” can…

Those who are believers in God, a Higher Power, the powerful blood of Jesus…can “pray” all they want to – faith without works is dead.


What is the “light of God” going to do when we choose to wallow in our comfortable, snuggly darkness?

Faith requires work.
Faith challenges us to put in effort.
Faith is the state of being uncomfortable.

And faith is dead, unless we rise above…or at the very least, have the inclination to.

Did that get a little out of hand?

I’m not saying I don’t believe in prayer. I do.

I’m not saying that I don’t believe God’s light and help is powerful, and that when we ask, he’s there (even when we don’t think so). I do.

But I also believe it starts with our intention.

So, what is your dark side?
How do you fight for the light?