My mom looked at me while we were together this evening, and said, “Well, did you actually get to do anything fun today? Did you get some time for yourself?”

I chuckled at her and responded, “You forget – I love what I do, and to me, it’s fun. It was a great day!”

And she should know – she was appointment #2 of this busy day of back to back meetings.

Appointment 1
A friend of mine (a previous client) recently posted about an opportunity her firstborn has ahead of him. He’s been accepted to The Outdoor Academy, and they’re gearing up for a season of fundraising.

Tuition is high, and even though he’ll qualify for scholarships, there’s still a balance that needs to be paid. I can’t write the check, but I can amplify the story.

I asked her for the chance to hear more about their recent adventures so I could put together a series of posts across various platforms in an effort to raise awareness about the need. I am delighted that she agreed!

Stay tuned for more on this story.

Appointment 2
The stupendous and extraordinary massage therapist, Massage by Margarita, (also known as, my mom) was overdue for a photo shoot, so I coaxed her out to Cup 22, and timed it so that she would arrive just as I was wrapping things up with my friend and her son.

I was running late – as usual – but no one seemed worried about the time, and it was a good transition from one appointment to the next, with shared stories and laughs.

My mom isn’t a big fan of photos, but having the opportunity of discussion (distraction) was a nice segue into the mini photo shoot I needed to help fill out her upcoming website. Stay tuned for updates on that project, and in the meantime, give her Facebook Page a Like!

Appointment 3
By the time I was done with these two lovely ladies and their stories, my phone was complaining about lack of storage and a too-hot battery. It was time to call it a wrap and head home for my Skype call with a new client.

More details to come, but I can say that I am delighted to have a short term contract as an Engagement Lead for a start-up company based in Boston. My role will be to support content marketing using social media platforms, email marketing and blog posts; not to mention helping the Leadership duo pin down the parameters for Brand voice. Writing, writing and more writing with strategy in mind.

A 10min call easily turned into a 40min QA session, and I was pleased at the end to have a better, more define path to move forward.

A busy, happy morning that seemed to rush by in a flash!

Now, if only editing all that content (pictures and video) would go by as quickly!